Online Roulette in South Africa

The variety of legal online Roulette games available in South Africa has been quite limited due to unclear legislation and regulation. Furthermore, of the slim pickings available to the South African player, not one casino could offer to take ZAR bets or payouts. This is all set to change with legal European casinos entering the local market, offering to take South African players Roulette bets in ZAR. For a comparison reviews of casinos and the games they offer, please visit


The history of Roulette

The old story goes that a Frenchman, Blaise Pascal, accidentally invented what was to become the Roulette wheel when he was trying to invent a perpetual motion machine. This wheel was adapted and the mechanics of the Italian game Biribi was combined to become the forerunner of today's Roulette game. A zero was added by the French to allow the casino to make a profit out of it (increasing the house edge) and when the game spread to America, another zero was added.

Whereas the game was enjoyed in its different formats wherever they originated, the advent of the Internet changed all this. Yes, the rules remained pretty much the same over the centuries, but technology now allowed a player to play any version he desires regardless of his location. Online gambling further increased this already popular game's appeal and the invention of Live Dealer casinos even more so. Players can now enjoy the sounds of a real casino along with a real person dealer from the comfort of their own devices.

What is the gameplay for Roulette?

The gameplay of the basic game of Roulette has not changed over the years and is played the same online as at land-based casinos. First the player places his bets on the Roulette table or racetrack. This is divided into inside and outside bets. Once the player has laid his bets down, the wheel is spun and the ball will drop into a selected slot on the wheel after whence the winning number is announced. Players receive their payouts and the process starts again.

What is the difference between inside- and outside bets?

Inside bets are typically found along the inside of the racetrack and can vary from single number bets to street bets where three adjacent numbers are chosen. Inside bets have lower odds of being hit but pays out more. Outside bets are found along the outer edges of the racetrack and are more combination bets such as red vs black, odds vs evens or column bets. These bets have a higher chance of being hit but have lower payouts that their inner counterparts.

  • Outside bets - higher odds of hitting
  • Inside bets - higher payouts
  • Call bets - depends on the table

The game of Roulette has a rich history and is now legally available it all its formats and varieties in South Africa. Novice players are encouraged to brush up on their roulette rules and strategy and first play the game for free at the casino of their choice. The European version of the game is recommended at first with the player's strategy needing to focus on the outside bet options. If the game and the casino is approached with a level head and budget, then the player cannot go wrong.